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Daywatch: Truck and rail backups are clogging roads, causing pollution in Chicago area

Good morning, Chicago.

Republican candidate for governor Darren Bailey regularly rails against government spending while accusing Democratic Gov. J.B. Pritzker of trying to solve the state’s problems merely by tossing money into “the four winds.”

“That’s all we ever hear for solutions in Illinois — more money, more spending,” Bailey said at a campaign appearance earlier this month. “That more money and more spending never comes with more accountability and more transparency. That’s all this man’s done, is continue to spend and waste taxpayers’ money.”

But absent from Bailey’s criticism is recognition that his father, mother and sister have benefited from two transactions over the last two decades worth more than $8 million in federal and state funds tied to a sprawling spread of property the trio owned in southern Illinois, including $4.32 million from, oddly enough, the Pritzker administration, according to records obtained by the Tribune.

In the little-noticed transaction in 2021, Pritzker’s Department of Natural Resources bought from the Baileys more than 2,290 acres of mostly wetland about 100 miles south of Urbana-Champaign. The land is slated to become a public recreation and hunting area, according to state officials and financial records. Read the full story here.

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Stalled trains have been clogging up all 18 intermodal terminals that dot Chicago’s suburbs and its inner city.

Two years after COVID-19 sent freight traffic soaring, some of the big terminals still can’t find enough truck drivers, shipping containers, rolling steel chassis, or laborers and warehouses to unload their freight.

An American contractor held hostage in Afghanistan for more than two years by the Taliban has been released, his family said Monday, as a Taliban drug lord jailed by the United States was also freed and returned to Kabul.

Mark Frerichs, a Navy veteran who had spent more than a decade in Afghanistan as a civilian contractor, was abducted in January 2020 and was believed to have been since then by the Taliban-linked Haqqani network.

“Pure Michigan” may evoke visions of beaches and cherry pie to some, but for cannabis consumers, it means clouds of smoke and bargains on weed.

The state’s brand is clear in the online social media site Reddit, which features a page dedicated to Illinois marijuana users — who often make longing references to Michigan’s cannabis scene.

“Why can’t Illinois be like Michigan?” wrote one commentator.

“Never shopping in IL again,” wrote another.

Afternoon Briefing

Afternoon Briefing


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“Appreciate the hospitality in Michigan. Nothing even close to this good in IL.”

10 thoughts from Brad Biggs after the Chicago Bears ran the ball hard — and ran it effectively — while essentially abandoning the passing game in a 27-10 loss to the Green Bay Packers Sunday night at Lambeau Field.

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Britain and the world are laying Queen Elizabeth II to rest on Monday at a state funeral that is drawing presidents and kings, princes and prime ministers — and up to a million people lining the streets of London to say a final goodbye to a monarch whose 70-year reign defined an age.

A day packed with funeral events in London and Windsor began early when the doors of 900-year-old Westminster Hall were closed to mourners after hundreds of thousands had filed in front of her flag-draped coffin. Many had waited for hours in line, including through cold nights, to pay their respects in an outpouring of collective grief and respect.

Not far from home, you’ll find some of the best varieties of apples to pick, plus farm-fresh apple cider doughnuts, home-baked pies and sweet local honey.

See 20 orchards within a 100-mile radius of Chicago, then check out our list of top picks.

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