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After pirate ship’s success, more themed boats on their way to Lake Havasu

The city’s resident pirate ship has delighted visitors and renters since the ship launched earlier this year. And now the company behind the “Siren’s Gate” is planning to add to its fleet of themed vessels on Lake Havasu.

According to co-owner Layla Wade, the “Siren’s Gate” has seen immense popularity since employees first hoisted its black flag in March. With holiday excursions, birthday parties, tours and overnight stays, the pirate ship has been an interesting sight for Havasu residents and visitors.

But that ship was only the first in a series of themed watercraft planned for Lake Havasu.

“We have two more boats in the works right now, and hopefully a third on the way,” Wade said on Friday. “We’re going to have a ‘voodoo’-themed boat and a New York-themed boat. We’re also planning a London-themed boat, that will look like a double-decker bus on the water … We were always planning to do more themes, which is why we’ve called ourselves a ‘yacht club’ instead of something pirate-based.”

Wade says the company experienced setbacks in August due to violent storms on Lake Havasu, after which the “Siren’s Gate” was disabled for a short period before repairs could be made.

“We’re hoping to get the new boats on the lake by the end of the year, but they’ll definitely be on the water in time for Spring Break,” Wade said. “They’re going to be worth waiting for, I’ll tell you that much.

According to Wade, she and her employees have been waiting for the end of summer boating season in Havasu before completing work on the new vessels. But now that the summer boating season is nearly over, the “Siren’s Gate” remains as popular among renters as it was when summer began.

“We’re still busy, and we’ve hired some new people to work on getting those boats ready,” Wade said.

For more information about the “Siren’s Gate,” tours and events on the city’s resident pirate ship, visit

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