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Libertarian Michael Crump running for Senate District 16


The Libertarian Party of Alabama, in conjunction with the Libertarian Party of Greater Birmingham Libertarians, recently held a candidates forum in Homewood where a number of Libertarian candidates appealed for support. Michael Crump is running for the Alabama State Senate.

“I am running for Senate District 16, and I am running against Dan Roberts,” Crump stated.

“I am an anarchist,” Crump added, explaining that he is not in favor of looting and burning. “If I win that office, I hope that you will not even know that I exist,” Crump explained.

The FBI defines anarchy as a belief that society should have no government, laws, police, or any other authority.

Crump favors a massive reduction in the size and scope of the Alabama government.

“I do not believe in public schooling and public roads,” Crump continued.

“This job pays $55,000 a year. I don’t want that,” Crump stated. “I don’t believe in public schools, public roads, or public health. I don’t want to pay taxes. I don’t want you to pay taxes.”

Crump got into a heated discussion with Bruce Stutts, the Libertarian candidate in House District 47. Stutts believed in supporting the military, while Crump is not in favor of having national armed forces.

“Defending the borders is a power in the Constitution,” Stutts said.

“I am an anarchist. I don’t believe in the constitution or borders,” Crump replied.

“What’s to stop Putin from rolling in?” Stutts asked.

“We need to move beyond nation states and borders,” Crump replied.

Crump is also in favor of moving away from national government-printed currencies.

“I am here to make sure that you are aware that bitcoin exists,” Crump said. “It is divisible transactional. Look into bitcoin. Look into cryptocurrency. It is a separate economy,” Crump added. “It is a separate currency. You own your own autonomy.”

“If I win, I am disappearing, and you can live your own life,” Crump stated.

Crump is the Treasurer for the Greater Birmingham Libertarians.

Crump and Roberts will be on the November 8 general election.

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